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Apr. 2012



Improvisation Noh, Dojō-ji


Dance & Voice: MAYO MIWA

@ The Stone, Manhattan, NY

Two sets of 6 nights curated performance by Ryuichi Sakamoto was presented at The Stone in Manhattan. A grand piano for Ryuichi was set up in the middle of the small venue which accommodates about only 90 people, and Mayo performed next to the piano in the limited space. The improvised performance was based on a renowned Noh program, Dojo-ji with Ryuichi and Mayo’s improvised sound and movement.

In the intense atmosphere of silence and immobility, Ryuichi broke the stillness with his piercing sounds and Mayo reacted with her acute motions, in which antagonized sound and movement gradually let her transform into a malevolent serpent. Within the limited space the crystalized sound and dance created the intense atmosphere to the entire venue. 

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